About Us

47 million people in the United States struggle with mental illness, yet the prevalence of mental illness among adults is increasing. However, mental health is highly stigmatized and we believe that raising awareness for mental health is crucial. 

With a team of two UCLA Psychology fresh graduates, we sought to create something to raise mental health awareness and hope to deliver the message that “you are not alone”. We hope to remind every one of you that you are not alone and it is okay to not be okay. Most importantly, believe that you are capable of positive change. 


Message Bottle wishes to create a little something that would make people feel better by handcrafting customizable, affordable, and enjoyable products that can spread positivity. 

With Message Bottle’s customizable candles, you decide what message/ reminder goes onto your candle label. Because, who knows what you need more than you? Also, we never know how a little love and kindness can make someone’s day, so why not treat your loved ones with a candle + a personalized message? Spread love and positivity :)’


Our mission is to spread positivity through supporting those who are struggling with mental health problems. Message Bottle strives to spread love and provide everyone the strength to believe in positive change. We want to help people feel better and become happier by providing them with products that are made to order, handcrafted with love, and with small reminders to remind that each and everyone of us is loved. All of our products are made to order and personalized to best fit each of your individual needs. We hope our products can represent our love to you and will always be there for you to share your ups and downs.